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The decision of Donald Trump to ignore the Paris climate treaty prompted the Earth Foundation in The Netherlands to initiate the international publication of the book ‘Letters to Mother Earth’. Eminent authors from all over the world are invited to write a ‘cry from the heart’ as a counterweight to the irresponsible attitude of the White House.


This literary campaign will prove to be a unique and unprecedented co-operation of publishing houses in numerous countries. Every participating publisher invites one top-notch author to compose such a letter. These letters will be assembled and the complete collection is to be issued by these national publishing houses in their own language. The book will be released on International Earth Day,

April 22, 2020.

It is obvious that the planet is in great danger. The world cannot shy away from the luring problems. The sea level is rising due to snow-breaks of the poles and the pollution of the oceans. Not to mention other threats of the environment.

To create wider awareness the Earth Foundation in The Netherlands intends to bring together letters from authors worldwide. They have a way with words that will inspire to cherish nature and the future of the planet. Their authentic approach to the hazards will open the eyes of many in an original and convincing way. It will be their literary contribution to a better world, leaving the earth in a healthier condition to the next generations.



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