For the publisher

Dear publisher,


Earth Day 2020 will feature a special and international writers campaign, titled ‘Letters to Mother Earth’. Publishers in many countries are invited participate, and to appoint a favored author to write a letter to Mother Earth. 

It is also possible to select a fragment. The letters or fragments will be assembled and published in each of these countries.

So you provide one letter (or fragment) and will receive all the contributions from all the participating publishers including the publishing rights.

This is an exquisite opportunity for an author to reach readers worldwide and establish their notoriety.


The letter of fragment will be published on four pages (including an artwork from the collection ‘1001 Reasons to love the Earth’) to be accompanied by a compact biography as well as a reference to your publishing company.


The inducement for this campaign is to create awareness on the relationship of the ‘sons and daughters of Mother Earth’ to their environment and the importance of nature.

Too many people tend to take the gift of nature for granted. Writers have the talent of expressing their views and thoughts in a convincing, original and inspiring way. 

In a personal letter or a selected fragment, it will bring about a literary variety of effusion, thus motivating readers to think and act in favor of our environment.


The 2000 Foundation in The Netherlands published a monumental art-book, titled ‘1001 reasons to love the Earth’ in which 1001 visual artists from all over the world expressed their sympathy for the planet in an artistic setting.

This project proved that creativity could produce a stunning variety of art-expressions. 

Now it is time to challenge authors worldwide to convey their concern.


We cordially invite you to participate in this campaign. 


This is the procedure:


1. In each country one publisher will be assigned to participate. 

2. The selection of the publishing house depends on the proposal of the publisher concerning circulation and the rights assignments. 

3. Upon the final selection the publisher will receive a publishing-contract from the 2000 Foundation containing the conditions, which were stated in the proposal.

4. The selected publisher appoints an author to write a letter to Mother Earth or select a fragment from their oeuvre expressing their relationship to the earth, the environment or nature.

5. The publisher will translate the letter or fragment (if not already in English) in the English language.

6. The 2000 Foundations collects the contributions and distributes the text to the participating publishers.

7. The publisher translates the letters (if necessary) into their language and publishes the book in their country on April 22, 2020 (Earth Day).

8. The letter should not exceed 600 words.

9. The 2000 Foundation provides the grid, the illustrations and the text according to the requirements of the publisher.


Please inform us by email (info@letterstomotherearth.org) if you are interested in this project as well as your proposal concerning the publishing rights.


Should you require additional information, do not hesitate to contact us.

Awaiting your reply and looking forward to a successful and fruitful co-operation, 



2000 Foundation

Frans H.J. van der Beek, chairman